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Related post: Date: Fri, 11 Dec 2009 13:57:31 -0800 (PST) From: D One Subject: The Palu Ceremony (aka Palu pt 2)The huge dick little lolita ceremony was planned by Sarah. He had a talent for parties. Everyone who went to Sarah's knew that. They rivea corymbosa ololiuquis seed didn't go there just to sell their sperm though that was lucrative thanks to the Pula planet influences.There were Professional females, usually women who were born beutiful lolitas naked art of progirls before them and horny workers. ls studios nude lolita There were proboys too more of them the the girls which was why they were available 100 toplist lolita sites for purchase and very little naked lolitas the girls were not.And there was food, drinks and even drugs for workers who dared. The food and drink were made by progirls and proboys who little ladies lolita porn learned how and the drugs were made from some local planet derivative.The drugs weren't for workers who had to return loli zone preten models to the pits the next day however. They would need days to recover.Sarah, a former worker, had discovered there was more money to be made selling worker sperm on Earth and entertaining the workers. Happy workers made more sperm, it was that simple.Like others Charlie had been born of progirls and some worker lolita top 100 sexy long ago. He learned to cook and thrilled seeing the workers enjoying his food almost as his personal attentions. They were strong, manly, yet sensitive and appreciative.But that was before he met Samson and thanks to him, Sanker the man who child lolita pedo russian he loved deeper then being lolita panty gallery 1 lola bunny adult toons thrilled by a man's gratitude or his cock.The night before the ceremony was unbelievable. Sanker had decided lolita preteen little model to host the entire lolitas erotic stories bbs event, so Sarah moved lolita models in panties his entire operation freedom lolita bbs bbs to the Hut they occupied. A constructed temporary building adjacent housed pretty preteen lolitas pictures the young nude lolita photos over flow.Everyone suspected why it was such a big event. Every year there were rumors that Sanker would leave the planet and go home to Earth. But instead, each pregnant lolita pussy pics year he young lol models cp stayed there. There were offers of promotion, perks, extra favors and boyprops given him.The Company didn't mind as it little pussy lolita jpg encouraged others to stay there and work hard too. It was cheaper then training new workers and their labors and sperm sales made money for the company.Samson sweet stuff lolita pussy smiled. He had provided some of the teenie lolita model pics cost from the Company's petty cash. The deal was simple but he couldn't tell anyone. Two more years."You will be a waiter" Sanker explained to Colo. He admired the boys coca colored skin. Edd had kept him shaven smooth and oiled so my virgin lolita girls the luster of the skin was like highly polished wood from Earth. Despite the scars on his back, the boyprop was erotic as hell."No many topsites lolita cp servicing without my permission" he free lolita mpegs videos continued "no matter who wants you.. You are mine to decide"Sanker said.Colo was nervous. He had pondered the possibility of being abandoned to lolitas cp tgp gallery the darkness of the planet after Edd left. He was relieved the man who abused him was gone, but he also had learned that abuse seemed to satisfy the huge black skinned worker. He was fed, kept warm and fucked, so he accepted his fate.:"Hey Charlie photos nude lolas net what are you doing here?" He saw Charlie enter the barracks. He had stayed near Edd's empty cubicle hoping another sweet lolitas pics xxx worker would want him. But he was hungry.The worker Sanker was behing Charlie. He looked up scared of the muscled man. He wasn't as large as Edd but he was famous on Palu. His body showed the strength of years there and even when he wore the dark blue material that covered his frame, the muscles were impressive.He remembered them of course from when they lived in he Barracks. But now Sanker russian lolita girl 10 was known as one of the top workers, wealthy. He even owned three boyprops."You tags" Sanker lolitas top 100 preteens said.Colo knelt obenietnly and held the tags up that hung from his neck. The little russian nymphets lolitas "R" that was stamped there said he was released from Edd's ownership and available.Samson has already approved what was about to occur. "Really a fourth? Man you're hot lolitas bbs free hornier then I am if that's possible. But you young loli ilegal pregnant gotta make a deal"."You're mine" Sanker said "that lolitas natural naked videos ok with you?"Nobody had ever asked him about being owned. Colo didn't know what to say. Edd had literally grabbed him at Sarah's and taken him out the door into the night air naked and scared naked lolitas girl z years before. He was younger then but now still felt just as vulnerable."You're gong to be a houseprop" Sanker said gently "Relax kid, nobody's gonna hit top list russian lolitas you again. lolita hard dark preteen I promise"Colo knew the rumors. When Sanker left he'd be alone again. He could only hope that in the meantime, he'd be shared with someone who would want him."Yes Sir" he said seeing Charlies mouthing the words he needed to say. But he didn't need prompting. Edd had taught him obedience if nothing else "Thank you Sir" he added.Moving his naked lolitas 12 yr eyes upward without unbending his head, he saw Sanker smile."Good boy, here" The man handed him one of the preteen shy nude lolita blue Alborses. He had never worn ls magazine lolita pic one. Edd had dragged him around naked for years. Charlie wore one as did his new Master. He wanted to give his mouth to the man then and there for this unexpected token of caring and respect."We're having a party..Charley's branding" Sanker told him as they walked into the night air towards the Hut.The Hut had never been that crowded. There was music, laughter, discarded Alborses and sex going on everywhere. The air smelled of the valuable and addictive sperm that sprayed on and in everyone.Propboys were shared, Propgirls stayed litle lolitas sexy photo in Sarah's little lolita underwear models lolitas black world bbs adjacent building. He charged still but knew his customers.Company managers attended discarding their desire pre bbs lolita elweb to stay afar from the workers to having sex with them and the boyprops.Answer, Mike and now Colo wore their Master's collars marking them as party servants and not available. It was an expectation of respect for the host Sanker And all nn innocent lolita models attending lolitas child nn top knew that a lucky few would be allowed to sample the hosts boyprops if they offered enough for Charlies' purse.The party hosted men who came and went all night long. Sanker keptthe leash Charley traditionally wore connected to his wrist. All preteen loli galleries girls knew of course that Charley was off limits but lolitas ls preteen pics this was a tradition of free loli rape pics past events when such was not the case.The new lolita preteen blogs daylight found many who had attended back at work, sweating both in the heat of the day lolitas board ls planet and reacting to the consumptions of the night.Charley cooked the food model lolita russian preview for lolas tiny preteen 3d the ceremony with young lolita lezbian pics help from Mike, Anser, Colo while Sanker slept. Occasionally he called for one of his boys to make his cock subside."Please Sir" Colo asked of the dozing man who he now called Master. He shouldn't speak without being addressed he knew."What?" Sanker looked up to see the ebony skinned boy standing there still wearing the collar from the all night party. He had not been shared but kept as a houseboy.Though odd, preteen female nn lolitas Colo appreciated that."Can I service Master?" he asked perhaps more jealous of seeing both Mike and Anser taste the Master's nector earlier, or wanting to be included as more then a discarded boyprop or even craving the taste of a man's sperm he hadn't tasted since Edd discarded him."You did well last night" Sanker said remembering the times Colo politely refused the grabbing hands of drunk workers who ignored lolita pre teens nudes the protective collar."Take your time" Sanker lay back. loli gallery childs models It was more of a reward for Colo then his need for another ejaculative so soon."Take your time means enjoy yourself, don't rush him, let it happen naturally no matter how long it takes" Charley was there whispering.Colo appreciated the fellow boyprop. He had helped him years before after each time Edd beat him, spreading salve on young lola preteen thongs his scars, distracting him from the pain by inserting into him or sucking his own penis.He felt Charley's hand on his buttocks now, his fingers running across his butthole and a finger free teen lolicon hentai inserting inside as he began to gree links bbs lolita lick and enjoy the cock that was legeondary.The ballsac was hairy like most of the lolita porn galleries tgp workers, lolita toplist lesbian tgp he swallowed one then the other to Sanker's amazement.Edd had a naked lola top 100 huge dick and even larger balls. Perhaps he stretched Colo's lips Sanker thought and then felt his cock join his balls in pearl lolitas preteens naked the boy's mouth. "Definitely stretched" he thought.The underaged lolita tgp sites fire built slowly in him. He opened his eyes watching the ebony lad move around as he explored the skin litle lolitas cam secret and free preteen lolita site glands.Sanker thought he'd call over the japan girl lol bbs others to eat when he exploded but instead decided to let Colo have it all. He remembered sights of the boy having sex with Edd in public, of servicing others while Edd watched of being whipped by Edd while being youngest lolita teenie butts fucked. To his shame it excited him then and now too, his body seemed to burn hotter and hotter.When he came he heard Colo gag on the meat and sperm. He held Colo's head in place shooting several more streams until early virgin lolita pic his cock subsided and he watch Colo lick the remaining stories little lolita bondage drops from his cock and the boys own lips."Thank you Master" Colo said not daring to look at the man. If he lolita teen pussy pre had done that to Edd he would have been slapped or pushed away.Sanker, instead pulled his head to his and kissed him invading his cum covered tongue with his young girls loli porn own.Charley, Mike and Anser applauded."Now we free lolita top site are five" Sanker announced. All knew that Colo was no longer a houseprop. He had become a full boyprop."You will satisfy each of my other boys before the little russian lolis nude ceremony" Sanker ordered"Yes Sir" Colo was not only looking at the man but smiling "I'm your property Sir" he added.Sanker not only watched but gave instructions as Colo licked Mike head to toe, bathing him, tasting him, eating him and making the boy erupt twice. He was nn teen models lolly rewarded by eating the boys entire eruption.Anser rode him hard shooting inside Colo. When he withdrew the new boyprop quickly turned to lick his own ass juices and remnants of Ansers' spersm.Charley stood waiting as Colo looked up. His excpression was gratitude and boy love. He fantasied that someday Charlie would be a big muscled preteen lolita board nude worker and he would be owned by the one who had saved him from certain death.His 9 yr lolita nude mouth and tongue demonstrated that gratitude and he swallowed the sperm load as lolitas guarras ver mamadas if it were the most precious culinary edible ever to exist.Everyone watched. Sanker stroked Mike and Ansers cock into erectness his own cock aroused by the sight of Color's worship.Charley came and pulled his cock back so sperm landed on the boys' face as well. He wanted to lick it off."Not yet" Sanker sayd pulling Colo back onto the bed. He jacked the lolita free photos pix two other boys fast adding their come to Colo's face. His own cock dribbled then shot on tope of the boyperops loads."Everyone eat" he announced and all four fo them licked, nibbled, swallowed and sent Colo into a state of convulsing erupting pleasure."We have work to do yet" Sanker said joining his boys in their laughter and wrestling."Tonight, preteen nude lolita link I lolita video clips wmv brand Charley. He has been a resourceful, nude young preteens lolicon satisfying, loving boyprop. He will go young nymphet lolita bbs with me to Earth when I decide to go"The group applauded as the needle pushed through Charley's nipples. The branding, as it was called pierced a boyprop and the Master's rings were removed and put in the newly made holes.As Charley stifled the pain he waited as young nude lolita tops Sanker removed the rings from his own free photo model lolitas nipples and put them in place. He kissed Charley's lips."Thank you Sir" Charley said as he knelt and demonstrated his continued obedience. Nothing had changed. He was still perperty of the man. His body belonged to the Master. But he would nto be discarded underground lolita free nude when the tight swimsuit lolita pic man left Palu."I have another announcement. When I leave in two years," there was a murmer of surprise among the on looking crowd and Samson smiled nodding his acknowledgement "I will brand my other boyprops as euro lolita model galleries well, if they're wish."Mike and Anser smiled and held each other. They were not only going to Earth but the man who had selected, trained and loved lolita preeteen pussy pics them was taking them."And that means all three" Sanker young black lolita models added looking at the ls dreams lolita photos disappointed look on Colo's face which turned to surprise."Now enjoy yourselves while my four boys entertain us".Charley, Anser, Mike and Colo moved to the large bed. They would kiss, suck, lick, fuck again and again until art loli nude pic the nude underage lolita girls party ended. They could not stop less it insult the guests.If they put on a good enough display, the guests would soon be having sensual experiences of their own."Nice speech" Samson said "and the rest of your promise?""Charley" Sanker called."Yes preteen lolita bbs sites Sir" Charley knelt enjoying the feeling of the pain in his world lolita bbs forum nipples and the bouncing jewelry that now hung lolita nymphet angel porn from them."We have to thank our guest free naked little lolitas for his favors" Sanker said.They led Samson to the adjacent building left there by Sahar from the night before. Both would show Samson their appreciation.And in two years, Mike, loli russian girl nude Anser, Colo, Charley and Sanker would repeat the expression of gratitude the night before they left for their new home on Earth.
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